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Last updated 8 February 2021
General, Living in France:
The British Embassy
The Embassy's Living in France guide
British in EuropeFrench Property website
"How To" guide from Anglo Info
Applying for a British Passport from France                                                  
Emergency Services Information:
15 - SAMU (Ambulance)
16 - Police
17 - Pompiers (Firebrigade)
114 - Emergency number for the deaf and the hard of hearing                   
Health Care in France:
British Embassy video on how to access healthcare in France                    
British Embassy video on the S1 Healthcare form
Hôpital Franco-Britannique, 3 rue Barbès, 92200 Levallois-Perret
Residency Permits (Cartes de Séjour):
Ministry of the Interior letter to Prefectures sent in November 2020 setting out the Withdrawal Agreement Residence Permit regulations:
- in French- in English
Ministry of the Interior official Carte de Séjour application site:
- in French- in English
Private Self-Help Facebook Group for those applying for a French Carte de Séjour
Applying for French Nationality:
Private Self-Help Facebook Group for those applying for French nationality
Driving licences / Driving:
British Embassy advice on validity and exchange of driving licences
To exchange your UK licence Agence Nationale des Titres Sécurisés (ANTS) (in French)
Driving licence exchange information (in French) from the French Government
Post Brexit changes:
French Government advice (in French) on changes after 1st January 2021
Calculator for 90 day short stay limits for UK citizens not resident in France 
The Withdrawal Agreement
Pension information:
Extract on pension rights from the Embassy's Living in France Guide
UK Government information on pension rights in the EU and Switzerland
Tax (France):
Overview of the French tax system prepared in 2016 by the French Tax Authorities

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