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Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Lyon Branch - Scottish Chanterelle

The object of RSCDS Lyon Branch is to preserve and further the practice of traditional Scottish Dancing as it danced today; we are mainly involved in Scottish Country Dancing, but also hold occasional classes in Highland dancing. We have a weekly class on Friday nights, with 3 levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced); we also organise ceilidhs, balls, social dancing, day classes (usually 3 times a year on Saturdays) and weekend schools (usually twice a year), with live musicians whenever possible. We accept beginners all year round, come and join us !

Contact: Laure Gardelle, Tel: 06 56 79 66 38,

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Paris Branch

The Paris Branch of the Society was created in 1984 in order to promote Scottish Country Dancing and to offer the opportunity to learn and practise Scottish Country Dances in France. The Branch organises classes, half-day schools for beginners, intermediate or advanced dancers. There is a dance every Monday night from 8 to 10 pm, and occasionally a ball on Saturday night. Everybody is warmly welcome.

Contact: Marcus Moore, Tel: 06 71 08 50 02