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Elections & Voting in France

British Conservatives in Paris

Our brief is to further the aims of the British Conservative Party and to provide a forum for Conservative Party supporters.

Our political and social events involving British politicians enable our members to debate political issues and meet visiting British and sometimes French parliamentarians. We represent member's views to the Party and we encourage qualified British subjects to register to vote in the UK, while campaigning vigorously for an extension of this limited right to vote.

Chairman - Jeremy Stubbs
137, rue du Général de Gaulle, 78740 Vaux-sur-Seine
06 38 53 11 66

British European Movement France

The British European Movement, France, the French branch of the European Movement UK, is open to British citizens resident anywhere in France. Our aim is to protect their European Citizen’s Rights now that we have left the EU and to maintain the post-Brexit rights of EU citizens in the UK by supporting the aims and activities of the European Movement UK, lobbying British, French and European MPs and other relevant bodies.

01 45 49 27 21

The Liberal Democrats in France

The French Local Party of UK LibDems - Getting Our Voices Heard - Campaigning for UK

Constituencies Abroad to change UK law so that all citizens of the UK living abroad can vote for their representation in discrete constituencies abroad and participate in UK referenda. Join as a Member for £12 per annum or free of charge as a Registered Supporter. Each French Region has a local group and coordinator


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