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Brexit & Beyond

British Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), Lille

The Chamber promotes and facilitates business and trade relations between the UK and Lille and the Hauts de France region. Founded in 1868, the Chamber also works closely with national, regional and local business support organisations and cofounded the UK Business Centre, Lille in April 2023. Business, networking, cultural and social events and activities are organised throughout the year. Members meet for lunch on the first Friday of each month.

President: Nik Haidar

British Conservatives in Paris

Our brief is to further the aims of the British Conservative Party and to provide a forum for Conservative Party supporters.

Our political and social events involving British politicians enable our members to debate political issues and meet visiting British and sometimes French parliamentarians. We represent members' views to the Party and we encourage qualified British subjects to register to vote in the UK, while campaigning vigorously for an extension of this limited right to vote.

Chairman - Jeremy Stubbs
137, rue du Général de Gaulle, 78740 Vaux-sur-Seine
06 38 53 11 66

British European Movement, France

The British European Movement, France, the French branch of the European Movement UK, is open to British citizens resident anywhere in France. Our aim is to protect their European Citizen’s Rights now that we have left the EU and to maintain the post-Brexit rights of EU citizens in the UK by supporting the aims and activities of the European Movement UK, lobbying British, French and European MPs and other relevant bodies.

Chairman: Geoffrey Ross 01 45 49 27 10

EU Britizens

EU Britizens is a group of experienced and dedicated professionals affected by Brexit aiming to help British Citizens’ legal cases going before the Court of Justice of the European Union in order to win back our European Citizenship rights to vote, live, work, study and retire in the European Union as well as keeping Freedom of Movement in the EU.

President: Alice Bouilliez


Website: EU Britizens

Facebook Page

Franco-British Connections

FB-Connections’ philosophy is to encourage and help students to develop their own projects. We view student-led events as complementary to the regular course-based projects. Students are often not aware of their potential to organise important and mutually beneficial events with other universities; this is where the FB-Connections strives to act as a catalyst, by putting students in touch with our alumni. The Franco British Young Leader programme was incubated by us back in 2015.

President: Jean-Pascal Sibiet MBE

Secretary: Nicolas Khadivi



Labour International

Labour International Paris and North East France is one of three Labour branches in France.

It is part of Labour International, run like a Constituency Labour Party, and it holds monthly meetings in which it makes motions, debates, elects delegates for conference and energizes Labour voters living abroad to elect a majority Labour government. 

Our meetings are by ZOOM on the second Wednesday of the month.

Visit our website and contact us with any questions.



LibDems in France

We are the official home for Liberal Democrat members and supporters living in France, with links to the party’s organisation across the globe.  We actively promote the interests and concerns of Britons living in France including their right to register for a vote for life under the new Elections Act and for effective representation through their own constituencies abroad. Join as a Member from £15 per annum or as a Registered Supporter free of charge.

Chair: Jenny Shorten

Facebook - LibDems in France

Twitter @LibDemsinFrance

Website -

SSAFA the Armed Forces Charity/SSAFA France

SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, has provided lifelong support to our Forces and their families since 1885.

Last year our team of volunteers in France helped over 300 people.  Our support covers financial, welfare and administrative needs for veterans and their families in France, also some Merchant Navy and British Airways veterans.

Should you, or someone you know, need help, or wish to volunteer for casework, support the lonely, assist with fund-raising, then please contact 06 83 85 39 09.

Chairman: Keith Cima, Tel: 05 53 24 92 38,

Secretary: Mrs Lesley Blake,