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Tax efficient giving

July 9, 2022

Do you want to support a British Charity? Perhaps your school or University? If that charity has signed up to Transnational Giving Europe (TGE) then your donation may qualify for the generous French tax deductions, allowing you to deduct 66% of your gift from your French tax.

To qualify for this tax break, the UK charity needs to have joined TGE and also be included on the beneficiaries list managed by the Fondation de France, the organisation which manages TGE donations made by French tax residents.

Which UK Charities are on the Fondation de France TGE list? The vast majority are Universities and Colleges, including a high proportion of Cambridge and Oxford Colleges. The full list of the UK Charities on the Fondation de France list (as of 1st July 2022) is shown in the attached file.

To make your donation, go to either the Fondation de France TGE giving page ( or TGE's donation page ( All of the charities listed on the Fondation de France site qualify for a tax deduction in France. However, there are more listed on the TGE site for which a tax deduction in France is available - although not all charities on the TGE qualify for tax deductions in France. Details of which charities are available on which site are shown in the attached file.

On the Fondation de France website, click on "Royaume-Uni" and then either select one of the amounts available in the drop down next to your favoured charity, or type in the amount you want to give.

On the TGE page, click on the map of the UK and the list of charities registered for transnational donations will be shown. Click on your preferred charity and then select France as you country of tax residence (France is not an available option for all charities on the TGE website) and then complete the charity's donation page.

If you think the UK charity you would like to support is signed up to TGE but you cannot find them, you should contact that charity directly to check with them whether they are registered for TGE relating to donations from France. Similarly, if you find your charity on the TGE site, but France is not an available option, you may wish to contact the charity to find out if they have plans to add France to their TGE options.