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BCC Noticeboard of Meetings and events

May 25, 2021

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, the BCC has started holding its meetings on the Zoom video conferencing system, which allowed a much appreciated, broader geographical participation by the representatives of member associations.

The operating programme on Zoom for 2021 to date includes:

  • 5th January: Executive Committee meetiing (to prepare Quarterly meeting)
  • 20th January: Quarterly Meeting (with member associations)
  • 29th March: Executive Committee meeting (to prepare AGM)
  • 14th April: AGM (with member associations)
  • 9th June: Executive Committee meetiing (to prepare Quarterly meeting)
  • 23rd June: Quarterly Meeting (with member associations)
    Future meetings will be posted here as dates are determined.

The June Executive meeting will explore the way in which meetings from September can be organised with a mixed in-person and video conference format. We hope the this will allow those in the Paris area to once again meet the other members' representatives, which still retaining a video link to allow members from further afield to join the meeting. Full details will be provided before the Autumn round of meetings takes place.