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Administration Numérique pour les Etrangers en France - ANEF

June 29, 2023

The website "Administration Numérique pour les Etrangers en France" (or ANEF) continues to be developed to encompass different administrative tasks for foreigners in France.

As a Withdrawal Agreement beneficiary, you can already use this site to register your change of address or marital status, and over the course of the next year, more will become possible. For example, when you come to renew your Withdrawal Agreement residency permit, this process will be incorporated into this website.

The Ain department's prefecture website gives some helpful background on the system with an outline of a calendar for upcoming developments. We have asked for Withdrawal Agreement beneficiaries to also be listed in the calendar.

The main advantages of this online system include:

- The end of waiting in line (physical or virtual) as it will no longer be necessary to have an appointment at the prefecture to make your application.

- Reduced need for visits to the prefecture – only one if you’ve already given fingerprints, otherwise a maximum of two.

- Fewer supporting documents to provide, given the principle of “tell us only once”. For example, if you’ve given fingerprints at the consulate for your visa, you don’t need to do it again at the prefecture.

- Simplified process and online platform designed to be user-friendly. Compatible with computer, tablet or smartphone, and documents can be uploaded in multiple formats including photos taken with a smartphone.

- Professional support for platform users – dedicated hotline and contact form. Technical guidance booths available at the prefecture to help you make an online application.