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Administration Numérique pour les Etrangers en France - ANEF

May 8, 2022

The website "Administration Numérique pour les Etrangers en France", or ANEF, is a site that has digitalised a number of administrative tasks that non-French citizens may need to carry out. This includes for example reporting a change in address, in marital status or if you lose your Withdrawal Agreement Residence Permit/

The intention is to allow such formalities to be performed without needing to go to the Préfecture, except for those activities such as the registering of fingerprints, that need the applicant to be physically present.

On launch, there are six areas where the ANEF can be used, and these are described as follows (in French with an English explanation).

Je valide mon VLS-TS = Validation en ligne du Visa Long Séjour valant Titre de Séjour – on line validation of a long-stay visa that gives residency entitlements. For this, it would seem you need to already be in possession of a long-stay visa as the visa number has tobe entered to start the on-line procedure

Je demande ou renouvelle un titre de séjour – To request or renew a residency permit. This takes you to a page to sign on to your account, or to create an account if itis your first visit. However, it appears you need to have an existing visa or residency permit number to create an account so it does not appear that is can be used for a first application.

Je demande la nationalité française – to request French nationality. This can only be used in 30 « Départements »where it is being tested. The list is given on the site. Paris is not includedand the only Ile de France Départements are Hauts de Seine and Val de Marne.

Je demande une autorisation de travail – to request a work permit. Three situations are listed :

-      Je sollicite une autorisation de travail (request a work permit). This is for use by employers or students only.

-      Je sollicite un avis sur une convention de stage(request for validation of an internship). This is for the use of the employer.

-      Je sollicite un avis sur mon projet CST entrepreneur/profession libérale (request for validation of a business creation project). This is to be used by the person intending to set uptheir business.

Je declare un changement de situation – to declare a change in your details, such as your address or marital status. As for the request or renewal of a residency card, this takes you to a page to sign on to your account, or to create an account if it is your first visit and an existing visa or residence permit is required to access the service.

Je demande un document de voyage – to request a travel document. The only document currently available is the travel document for a foreign minor.

It is intended that more tasks will be added over time, including for example changing your address in relation to your Withdrawal Agreement Residence Permit, or renewing this document.