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Who's Who in the British Community Committee
The Executive Committee of the British Community Committee is elected annually at the AGM. It can comprise up to 10 members, drawn either from the BCC's Elected Members or from representatives of the BCC's member associations.

Officers, being the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer can only be elected for three consecutive years after which they are required to stand down.

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Last updated 8 February 2021
Chairman:  Howard Norman
Vice-Chairman:  Christopher Chantrey, OBE
Secretary:  Janet Hadley
Treasurer:  Tony Banton
Other members of the Executive Committee:
Registrar: Muriel Langle
Advertising: Penny Girinsky
Directory distribution: Rodney Harper
Events Diary: Claire Godfrey
Directory co-editor: Serena Stern
Directory co-editor: Louise Cossey
Bridget Terrell