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February 23, 2021

See the list of useful links on various subjects related to Brexit, identified following the Brexit Briefing meetings organised by the BCC


This is a list of links which you may find useful. None of this information replaces the need for professional advice, where appropriate, and no responsibility is taken by the British Community Committee of France for any decisions made on the basis of the information provided here.  Please contact the Diary Editor if you have suggestions for inclusion in this list, Claire Godfrey at

General, Living in France guides

French Ministry of the Interior guide to post-Brexit changes

British government guide to no-deal Brexit

British in Europe

Cartes de Sejour (CdS)


Remain in France - citizens' rights

France Rights


Permis de conduire/Driving licences/Driving

Latest information from French government about use of British driving licences!/Particuliers/page/R31381!/Particuliers/page/F1758

(exchanging an EU licence)

(exchanging a non-EU licence)


Applying for French nationality




Second home owners/not yet resident/visas


Tax (U.K.)